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High-Tech Gründerfonds_logo

High-Tech Gründerfonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven startups. 
With 892.5 M€ in investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge more than 530 startups since 2005.
Its team of experienced investment managers and startup experts help guide the development of young companies. 
We focus on high-tech startups in software, media, internet, hardware, automation, health care, chemistry and life sciences.


  • Digital
  • Healthcare
  • Chemistry
  • Automation
  • Life sciences
Bonn, Stadt, Germany




High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a powerful engine that drives the success of tech-driven startups. Armed with expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, the experienced team of investment managers and startup experts guide top companies on their journey until the exit phase. HTGF focuses on high-potential startups active in the sectors of software, media, internet, hardware, automation and robotics, life sciences (medical technology, diagnostics, and biotechnology) and chemistry. This group also includes a number of success stories, such as Mister Spex, Rigontec, 6Wunderkinder, Next Kraftwerke and Cumulocity, as well as Juniqe, an online shop for art enthusiasts.

For more information, click here: www.htgf.de/en

Five reasons why High-Tech Gründerfonds is the right engine to power your idea!

1. HTGF has an excellent international network. Together with strong partners from the world of indus- try and business and other major players, we foster successful tech-driven startups.

2. Financial power: With EUR 892.5 million in total investment volume across three funds, and up to EUR 3 million in funding for fresh ideas, we provide the financial tailwind you need.

3. Investors, experienced managers, serial entrepreneurs, scouts and economics experts – our team is as diverse as the market itself.

4. You’re in fantastic company – over 530 startups are already part of the HTGF family. High-Tech Gründerfonds’ success stories include Mister Spex, Rigontec, 6Wunderkinder, Next Kraftwerke,Cumulocity and Juniqe, an online shop for art enthusiasts.

5.You’ll never be on your own – we have been able to arrange about 1,400 follow-on financing rounds to date. And this figure just keeps on growing.